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  • Certified Real Estate Inspector through NAHI
  • Certified Microbial Inspector / Consultant through AIAQC
  • Registered personnel through Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists (APIH)
  • Experienced and Ready to Go
  • Willing to Work Around Your Schedule
  • Ready to Meet Your Needs

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Michael A. Larango, CMI, CRI, RIHT

Bradley D. Harr, MS, CHMM, CMC, RPIH

Royal Inspection Company is the valley's best inspection service. Convient times with quick response to appointments, local, and a competitively priced way to get your new home, office or building inspected. Royal Inspection is a member of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) and has Certified Real Estate Inspectors (CRI) under NAHI. The NAHI CRI is a certification that is earned. Certifications are given to inspectors who demonstrate advanced knowledge of, and proficiency at, all aspects of property inspections. NAHI requires inspectors to pass the NAHI CRI exam and complete at least 250 inspections. In addition, NAHI CRI's must maintain annual continuing education credits and under go an annual review of completed inspections to remain in the program.